Dispel The Loss Leader Myth Blueprints to Increase Hygiene Department

Apr 29, 18 Dispel The Loss Leader Myth Blueprints to Increase Hygiene Department

Dispel The Loss Leader Myth Blueprints to Increase Hygiene Department Services And Production

You’ve attempted getting new individuals to fill the holes in your hygiene its period for a fresh approach! Fill up the holes together with your existing individuals by learning how exactly to treatment plan nonsurgical cases.

Find all of the perio that’s sitting correct in your workplace! Learn a practical process that can be quickly implemented for an effective periodontal therapy system with that one hour webinar. It really is designed to help dentists in assessing and diagnosing nonsurgical therapy cases. Learn useful useful applications for locally-used antimicrobials including Periochip, Arestin and Atridox, aswell risk evaluation and the medical style of treatment. Don’t delay! As Linda Kilometers says: “If your hygiene division is keeping you back, get this to the year you choose to correct it and reap the benefits for your individuals, your group and you. An increased quality level care and an improved net gain awaits.”

Why you need to attend: Created for dentists who wish to revitalize an under producing hygiene division, this webinar will educate you on how to increase nonsurgical periodontal services, that may change underneath line – instantly and dramatically! In only one hour become familiar with where to find the ‘concealed’ nonsurgical periodontal instances that are inside your existing patient foundation. This might well be the very best investment of period you will make this season! Take if in one dental professional who attended this webinar: “The webinar was fantastic! I learned so very much! Realizing how much income I am dropping was staggering. Moreover, I noticed my hygiene division was under-treating patients.”

Areas Covered in the Program:

Who Will Benefit:

Price List:

Live : $195.00

Corporate live : $695.00

Recorded : $245.00


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Colleen Rutledge, RDH likes a multifaceted career as a oral hygiene consultant, national loudspeaker, practice administrator and well-respected dental hygienist concentrating on the nonsurgical method of managing periodontal disease. Her dental care career began 30 years back in Philadelphia after completing a dental care assisting externship at Temple University and graduating course president from National College of Wellness Technology. She continuing her education and gained a Degree in Oral Hygiene at Coastal Carolina Community University in NEW YORK and was the recipient of the Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler Award. While in personal practice, Colleen diligently integrated many modalities of periodontal therapy in both insurance-powered and fee-for-service methods. Her skillfully honed conversation skills positively affected individual compliance, subsequently raising daily hygiene creation by over 40%.