How to Find Information on Law Firms And Solicitors in

Dec 03, 17 How to Find Information on Law Firms And Solicitors in

How to Find Information on Law Firms And Solicitors in The UK

If you are an associate of the general public looking for information on a solicitors or lawyer in the UK what exactly are the best assets to use and which assets can be trusted when it comes to reviews and ranks that they provide to an attorney.

There are three primary legal web directories in the UK which have lengthy a distinguished background of ranking and reviewing lawyers. The three primary players will be the Legal 500, Chambers and The Lawyer. I’ll examine every one of these sites in greater detail.

The Legal 500

The Legal 500 website and matching imprinted directory will be the flagship items of Legalese Publishing who had been shaped in 1987. The Legal 500 was the 1st was the 1st UK website that offered evaluations of large firms in fact it is the largest site of its type.

Legalese was founded by John Pritchard and he still edits and publishes the directory. Though it initial began as a directory of UK legal solutions the Legal 500 series now covers most areas in the world.

A companies listing in the directory addresses regions of specialism and their placement within their region or area. The Legal 500 listing also contains information on key people and a company profile. The Legal 500 sometimes appears as the utmost authoritative of the legal web directories in the united kingdom due to the comprehensive nature of the study it bears out and the amount of time it’s been established.

The legal 500 can be looked at on the web, in a hardback publication type an as an e-book.


Chambers was founded in 1990 and presently employs 140 extremely qualified full-time experts who conduct a large number of interviews with attorneys and their clients world-wide. The legal directory addresses an array of practice areas and places within the united kingdom and abroad. In addition they publish the united kingdom Bar Guidebook for barristers and barrister chambers and a UK College student Guide that talks about lawyers from the view stage of those just what a career in law.

Lawyers and lawyers are rated in Bands from 1-6 and these rankings derive from numerous criteria including specialized legal ability, professional carry out and client service.

Chambers and Partners is definitely avalible as a hardback publication, via their site and as an e-book.

The Lawyer

The Lawyer may be the leading magazine in the united kingdom for solicitors, attorneys and other users of the legal occupation. It has first released in 1981 and is definitely owned by Centaur Press who also own Advertising Week and The Innovative Review. The magazine and website cover an array of legal news tales, briefings and legal careers. Unlike both Legal 500 and Chambers regulations firm reviews aren’t the principal function of the attorney. That is not to state that the reviews usually do not carry excess weight and value. The critiques in the lawyer have a tendency to focus on the income and turnover of the strong with less comprehensive analysis of the sort completed by The Legal 500 and Chambers. There exists a neat little device which allows you to review lawyer turnovers and plots them against one another on a graph.

There are also several other methods to check lawyer feedback including checking regional forums, Google+ webpages, sites such as for example Trip Advisor and Qype. The problem with these sites is definitely that the information isn’t constantly verifiable and the identification of the reviewers can’t be checked.

If you are an associate of the general public looking for info on an attorney after that Chambers and The Legal 500 supply the best information when it comes to reputation and regions of expertise. In case you are a college student considering working for a company then your tools on the attorney can be handy as well.

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