Proper Identification And Payment of Exempt Employees – Webinar By

Mar 09, 18 Proper Identification And Payment of Exempt Employees – Webinar By

Proper Identification And Payment of Exempt Employees – Webinar By Train HR

Overview : Worker classification is a simple and important job that concerns the payroll procedure. If this technique is flawed then its likely that that the information made by the payroll section is incorrect! This also escalates the opportunity for audits of various other payroll procedures that may also cave in to hefty penalties. Don’t allow this chain of occasions come to pass!

Why you need to attend: The biggest penalties ever levied against a firm or individual for violation of federal government Department of Labor regulations is due to incorrect classification of workers. The levels of the penalties included could cripple or eliminate almost any business entity since there is absolutely no PROVISION within these rules that provide any breaks to any business just because they certainly are a small company.> The fine may be the fine whether or not the misclassification was intentional or because of an oversight!

Don’t allow yourself or your firm be exposed to this kind of fiscal danger! Sign up for noted payroll professional Vicki M. Lambert. CPP and get the info you need to protect yourself as well as your company from financial damage.

Areas Covered in the Program: Sign up for “The Payroll Advisor>”and learn: What’s exempt – exactly

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Price List:Live : $145.00Corporate live : $595.00Documented : $195.00

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