Understanding Analytical Test Results- Comparing Two Sets of Data –

Nov 11, 17 Understanding Analytical Test Results- Comparing Two Sets of Data –

Understanding Analytical Test Results- Comparing Two Sets of Data – Webinar By Globalcompliancepanel

Overview: The class covers the understanding the properties of one test outcomes and how they might be compared. There are plenty of issues that arise from a misunderstanding of the properties of one data pieces and the issues are compounded when data pieces are compared. The debate covers the misconceptions and present solutions to allow correct comparisons, while deciding the dangers inherent in decisions predicated on analytical data.

Areas Covered in the Program:Averages and their properties that have an effect on decision proper method to compare collection of sample sizes with the attendant conversation of variation and sample to review the variation seen in two different data to create predictions of intervals for potential data, and the usage of these predictions for environment Will Benefit:Employees in Quality Control Laboratories.Supervisors of workers who all perform analytical assessment.Managers who must produce decisions predicated on analytical data.Planners who all must produce predictions of future functionality based on current check data.Reviewers who have to understand the romantic relationships among analytical data.

Tuesday, March 20, 201210:00 AM PST 01:00 PM EST

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Steven S. Kuwahara, Ph.D. may be the founder and Principal of GXP BioTechnology LLC, a consulting company that functions in the areas included in the GLP and GMP of medications, biologics, and nutraceuticals. Steve provides over 30 years of knowledge in supervising quality control laboratories, including an pet testing service, and in executing GLP and GMP audits of inner and external assessment laboratories . Steve provides participated in the advancement of medications and biologicals through all phases of scientific research and final item production.

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