Basketball Equipment

maxresdefault-1Though basketball is considered a contact sport, there is not much safety equipment that is required. While players in the professional leagues wear mouth gaurds, and various other protective gear, this is not required for normal competitve basketball.

Did You Know?
Basketball was originally played with a soccer ball!

The Basketball
A basketball is definitely the most important equipment required to play the sport of basketball. You can have every other equipment but without a ball, it would account for nothing. Basketballs come in different sizes, that vary according to the age group of the players.
As far as professional basketball competitions are concerned, most leagues use size 7 for men’s competitions, and size 6 for women’s competitions. Size 7 corresponds to 29.5 to 30 inches of circumference, whereas size 6 corresponds to 28.5 inches of circumference. Besides the size, basketballs also come in varying materials, of which there are two major types.

Rubber Basketballs
Basketballs made out of rubber are primarily used on outdoor playing surfaces, though they can be used on

Swimming Tips for Kids

children in poolKids get excited when it comes to learning any activity associated with water. The mere mention of swimming sets them into action and they are always ready to take the splurge. Keeping the fun side apart, swimming is probably one of those healthiest exercises that flex every part of your body. But, you should be well aware of the correct techniques and the safety guidelines pertaining to swimming, before your kids take a plunge into the pool!

Swimming Tips for You

You should be responsible enough to take care of your own safety during the learning phase. Obey the rules given by your trainer and listen to your parents. And here we are, to help you with some safety tips while swimming.

  • Always keep inflatable rubber ‘floaties’ with you. Float them throughout the pool so that you are able grasp them whenever needed.
  • Always ensure the depth of the pool that you will be accessing. Make sure that the pool is not deep enough to drown you.
  • If you are planning to take up swimming lessons, then start during summers

Basic Boxing Moves

dsc_3497-1291x855Boxing is one of the oldest forms of martial arts, which comprises the use of the hands to, both attack and defend. Practiced through the ages as a popular sport, it is highly demanding, both physically as well as mentally. A boxer requires speed, agility, power, and endurance, along with focus, determination, and mental toughness. He must be able to not only throw powerful punches, but also defend against them while standing on his feet. Boxers therefore turn out to be some of the finest and fittest of athletes around.

Today, boxing continues to remain popular as a sport, while at the same time, has been adopted by many as a highly effective means of improving overall fitness. So, if you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of this sport, or a fitness enthusiast wishing to adopt boxing in your workout regime, go through the moves and techniques presented below for a brief introduction to the fine art of boxing.

Note: The moves presented here are given assuming that the user is right-handed. These can also be

Basketball Defense Tips

In the game, the team with a strong defense leaves less number of scoring opportunities for the opposing team. Defensive tactics, if not given much attention, allows the opponents to score easy points. On the contrary, a team with a good defense allows its attackers to concentrate on scoring points for the team.

Dribbles and passes are moves which need focus and attention in order to strengthen the defense. Keeping control on the body movements, or to be more specific, making proper use of body weight, forcing, faking, hand position, etc., is important.

Keeping the Head Lower
This is important when a man-to-man guarding strategy is used. One has to keep the head lower than the player he is guarding. This position allows for quick movements.

Balance on the Heel
While guarding, it becomes difficult to beat the opponent if the body is leaning forward. The direction of the opponent’s move cannot be tracked properly by this kind of approach. The habit of keeping the weight of the body on the heels at the time of guarding an offensive player proves to be useful. By doing so, one gets the opportunity to monitor the opponent’s moves; also the defensive player can

Swimming Tips for Beginners

If you’re just learning to swim, it is a good practice to either have a coach or a friend who knows how to swim with you at all times. So whenever you’re training in the water, you can be sure that there’s always someone watching your back.

Being Mentally Prepared

In order to learn how to swim, you have to prepare yourself mentally. This comes before actually stepping inside the swimming pool. Clearing any doubts or apprehension is the key to becoming a good swimmer. So get yourself enrolled for the lessons, talk to a friend of yours who knows how to swim, and/or ask someone to join with you to learn; and of course, don’t give up.

Your Movements Inside the Water

Stand in the shallow part of the pool, and keep your hands in the water. Now start moving your arms around as gently as possible. This way, without moving ahead, you will learn the arm movements. Slowly, bend your knees and submerge your body till the neck, and get comfortable with the pressure on your body.

Controlling Your Breathing

While swimming, it is crucial that you exhale freely in the water. For beginners, the first instinct is to hold the breath

Badminton Tips

A badminton rally ends once the shuttlecock falls to the ground. The rule is that it can only be struck once by each side, over the net. The shuttlecock is a feathered projectile that is designed with unique aerodynamic properties that cause it to fly differently. The feathers create a higher drag and cause the shuttlecock to decelerate much more than a ball. Competitive badminton is always played indoors, because the flight of the shuttlecock is strongly affected by wind. As an Olympic sport, badminton has five competitive disciplines―men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. The sport demands aerobic stamina, strength, and speed. The technical aspect of the sport requires good motor coordination.

Since badminton involves stamina and agility, you need to warmup accordingly. You could begin with a jog or skipping, and once your pulse is raised, stretch the legs, back, and shoulders to prepare for the lunges. When choosing a racket, check the grip―small grips for small hands and large grips for large hands. Develop a relaxed grip with flexible wrist movements, to perfect forehand and backhand shots. A wobbly shuttle indicates poor quality or faulty dynamics, and should be returned or chucked

How to Serve in Volleyball

Volleyball is a team sport, and the aim of this game is to ground the ball in the opponent’s court. Just like in tennis, in volleyball too the way a serve is delivered can turn the fortunes of a team. There are two ways in which you can serve in this game. One is the underhand method and the other is the overhand way.

Serving Underhand

  • Start with putting either your left foot or right foot forward. Bend your knees slightly.
  • Place the palm of your left hand under the ball, holding it in front of you.
  • Meanwhile, keep your right hand open and not in a fist.
  • Now drop your right hand as it would be normally and follow it by getting it back slightly beyond your hips.
  • The real thing comes next. Swing your arm forward, it should be under the ball. The mantra is to hit the ball using the heel of your hand, not the palm.
  • Step into the swing with either of the foot, but avoid stepping over the line while doing this.
  • After making contact with the ball, let the swing of your arm continue, that will be your follow-through.
  • Finally, bring your right hand over your left shoulder.

How to Grip a Badminton Racket

Badminton is a very popular sport amongst many people from all around the world, and this is a game that comes naturally to many people. Learning the game is not that difficult at all, and the rules are also very simple to understand. All you need to do is hit the shuttlecock between the players with the help of a badminton racket. Official games have a net that needs to be scaled, and unofficial games between friends and family members can be played pretty much anywhere.

When someone is looking to play badminton for the first time, or even when someone is looking to improve their game, the first thing that they should do is learn how to grip the racket properly. The right grip can affect one’s game majorly, so it is absolutely essential to learn the correct technique involved. Anyone who is experiencing difficulties with gripping the racket will definitely have a hard time playing the game properly and learning other aspects of badminton as well.

The Badminton Racket

Badminton rackets have traditionally been very light, and they typically weigh anything between 70 and 95 grams. The materials used for manufacturing these rackets are varied in nature, but they

How to Improve Volleyball Skills

In the game of volleyball, the main objective is to ground the ball in the opponent’s half. There are 2 teams and each team consists of 6 players. These 6 players together have to develop skills and devise strategies to achieve this main objective. Before getting into the details of how to improve volleyball skills on the whole, it is necessary to understand that consistency in practicing the right moves is of utmost importance. For example, the ball should hit the same spot on your forearm every time you play a shot. This makes the player better and helps improve further skills.

Improving Volleyball Skills

Performing the various volleyball drills of passing, serving, etc., helps develop habits that prove to be useful for players in the long run. It helps them improve the concentration levels and ability to focus on the game at hand. Here are few useful volleyball drills that may help improve your timing, footwork, and of course, ball control. Let us start with how to take a proper stance.

You should maintain a stance that allows you to move around more quickly. The distance between the legs need to be slightly greater than that of your shoulder

How to Do a Back Handspring

At home, one does not have the necessary amount of space to do a handspring. Therefore, it is best to do it in a hall or a gym. At the same time, if you are practicing it without any supervision, there are chances of injuring yourself. When one is doing a back handspring, it is important to remember that the method is not so much about arching the back. This move is useful for gymnastics, cheerleading, etc.

When one is performing any gymnastic move, it is important that these is enough room for movement. While you start doing the back handspring, you will need to have a good running start. It is important you start off slowly and pick up speed gradually. The more the speed at the end, the better you will be able to do the handspring. Towards the end of the run, do a round-off.

Before you half yourself, you should jump up as high as you can. However, it is important that your feet and knees are together. Extend your hands above your head, with your arms closer to the ears as much as possible. Your chin should be tucked in. Get your arms down and

How to Do a Backflip

Dancers and gymnasts seem like they possess some supernatural powers. The way they perform their tricks and moves is simply mesmerizing. The somersaults, jumps, stretches, and what not. Wow! It is absolutely awe-inspiring. It also is true that, with passion and perseverance, anything can be achieved, let alone the toughest amongst the gymnastic acts. One thing which really gets me to sit up and take notice is the backflip in gymnastics. Let’s see how to go about doing one.

How to Do a Backflip on the Ground
For doing a backlflip, one thing is sure, it is not for the faint-hearted. You have to be determined and completely prepared. Once you are mentally prepared, only then try it. When doing it for the first couple of times, try and have at least one spotter around. Now here we flip!

Step 1
Get on a proper gym floor with a mat, preferably till you get into the groove. If not, make sure you are in a reasonably open area with a soft surface. But make sure that the floor is not a concrete one, and has no obstacles. You will only be giving an invitation to injuries.

Step 2
Now, as the

How to Do Gymnastics Tricks at Home

Gymnastics is one sport that joins grace with strength, agility with focus, and flexibility with coordination. There are many young kids who are more and more enthusiastic about becoming a gymnast when they grow up. Starting at a young age, the acrobatic and rhythmic techniques of gymnastics are taught. Although, this certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t learn the different tricks performed at a later stage in your life. All you require are correct technique and professional guidance to learn and understand the different forms of gymnastics.

Keeping this in mind, we have put together some gymnastics tricks which can be done at home. Now, remember, learning these tricks for the first time might be complicated and confusing. Even though the article does mention the steps to do various stunts, we will definitely recommend you consult a gymnastics coach to help you with the tricks. The tricks mentioned below should be used to only understand the basics of the techniques so that you have a clear idea as to what is expected of you.

Performing Gymnastics Tricks at Home

You can try practicing the gymnastics tricks in your backyard or even in an empty room inside the house. Make sure that

Tips Choosing The Right Gymnastic Grips

Gymnastics is an artistic sport which requires grace, strength, and loads of practice to perfect. However, apart from personal dedication, the equipment that one uses is equally important for overall success. Of all the equipment available, grips are perhaps the most useful in furthering a gymnast’s performance.

Let us now look at the various factors to be considered while picking gymnastic grips of good quality to suit your needs.

Do You Need Grips?

If you are someone who is looking to compete in serious competitive tournaments and are considering a career in this field, you should definitely buy grips, so that you get used to the feeling and don’t have to relearn all your moves. Also, if you constantly get your skin ripped off, and this is interfering in the level of your performance, getting grips is a good idea. Finally, if you are moving onto advanced moves, which require you to swing or circle a lot, this equipment will give you a better grip and significantly improve your performance. Also, women’s grips are mainly designed for uneven bar events, while men’s gymnastic grips are used for various events such as rings, p-bars and, high bars. So your choice should reflect

Boxing Tips for Beginners

Tips for Boxing
Proper Gear
It is extremely significant that you have a good pair of gloves at your disposal at the onset when you want to learn boxing. Apart from that, you would need hand wraps, mouth piece, headgear and shoes.

Basic Techniques
You would most probably begin with learning what is, in boxing jargon, called a jab. Here is what you do.

  • Get in a boxing stance with your lead foot forward.
  • With the weight on your toes, take a step forward, and simultaneously throw a straight punch using your lead hand.
  • Get your fist back in its original position and repeat.

Once you get the jab, it will serve as a pathway for learning other techniques involved in boxing. One of them is footwork and the other is blocking. Footwork for most part would be taken care of while jabbing, but still you would need to work on that. Blocking will help you know how to block those power packed blows from an opponent. There too, you have to analyze the situation and then block. In addition to this, you also need to attack. So, for attacking, you need to create opportunities to throw that lethal

Boxing for Beginners

If you thought being a Muhammad Ali or Evander Holyfield was as easy as a video game, it surely isn’t. Throwing a few punches here and there, ducking to avert the opponent’s punch, is not boxing. There is a lot more to this sport than just that. It is an art as well as science. For those who have just ventured into this field, this is the cardinal rule to keep in mind while learning boxing. Punch with your brain and put your heart in it, to get it right. Complicated? Never mind, here is something to help you.

To begin with, if boxing is what you want to do, then a lot of hard work, mental, and physical conditioning is required. If you are not mentally fit, you cannot fight with the opponent, even with the best of jabs and hooks in your arsenal. Boxing lessons generally include basic footwork, punches, and perhaps a few defense techniques.

Key Stone: The Stance
The fight stance is the basic thing to be learned as a beginner. A perfect stance is the core foundation of boxing, on which everything else will be developed. In an ideal fight stance, your hands protect your

How to Clean Boxing Gloves

Boxing is that one sport that needs constant practice and training, and the one thing that should be always on your hands are… boxing gloves! With constant practicing and vigorous movements, your hands tend to sweat a lot. And because you have those huge gloves on, the sweat tends to accumulate within the gloves, which makes it a breeding ground for germs and bacteria to thrive, multiply and grow, causing your gloves to emit an extremely foul odor. While boxers like it messy, dirty and rough, keeping your gloves clean would actually help you fight without having to deal with the bacteria and the smell, that can actually be very annoying. Not cleaning your boxing gloves can also make them unfit to use in the long run. So, if you have a lucky pair of boxing gloves, read on further to know how to clean them on your own at home.

Best Ways to Clean Boxing Gloves

Cleaning boxing gloves is very easy, provided you have the things that are required, and lots and lots of time. You need a lot of time for them to dry up, as they are quite thick and need to dry up thoroughly, so

Shadow Boxing Tips

When you talk about boxing, it is difficult to have a conversation without mentioning the legends of this sport, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, and Rocky Graziano. Their dedication, intense passion, unique skills, and years of hard work and sweat brought them the fame they deserve. With hours, days, months, and years of practice, many young boxers and future hopefuls wish to become like them, and hope for one day they can earn the same respect these legends hold today. However, you can’t just start punching speed bags or punching bags and call yourself a boxer. Your passion for boxing comes from within and it has to transform into the way you accept it into you. By following proper boxing techniques, you can become a powerful boxer.

There are various tips and techniques used in boxing. Shadow boxing is one of them. Students of boxing, and even professional boxers, are taught how to shadow box so that they can apply this exercise into the sport. In the following article, we will be taking a closer look at what this style of boxing is and also go over some important tips.

What is Shadow Boxing?


How to Become a Professional Boxer

Planning a career in a sport is never easy. There are plenty of uncertainties and the time required for achieving success in sport can be very long. This is true in popular and widely played sport like boxing. If you are thinking is it hard to become a professional boxer, then the answer is YES. Even the top boxers of today took many years to achieve fame on the international stage and hence, one needs to be patient and dedicated throughout his career. Here are some guidelines that will provide you with the right direction for this career.

Start Young
The time taken to become a professional boxer entirely depends on the individual’s ability and performance in tournaments. History reveals that boxers who start practicing and learning the basics of boxing at a very young age make it big in the long run. So, start your boxing sessions under professional guidance and be consistent with your practice.

As you are growing up, you should take your exercise regimen more seriously. To become a professional boxer, you need to train under the guidance of an experienced instructor and follow his exercise instructions totally. Have a time-table for your workouts and

Boxing Tips And Techniques

Boxing is by far one of the most popular forms of non-armed, competitive combat in the world. It is a true test of fitness, stamina, and mental toughness, serving as a perfect platform to release your pent-up aggression, and channeling it productively. As ironic as it may seem, the intense, physical sport of boxing goes a long way in calming the mind, and helps you to focus better. Here are a few basic things you might want to keep in mind as you take up this sport.


Having a proper stance is by far the most important part of boxing. You want to keep an upright stance, while maintaining your balance. Always remember to leave your body loose. If your body is tensed, it will hamper your movement, and your punches won’t be as effective. The distance between your legs should be about the width of your shoulders. The lead foot (the opposite of your rear hand) is about half a foot in front of the rear foot. Both the feet are tilted a little inward, with the rear heel lifted just a little above the ground. The lead fist is held up just about 6 inches away from

Perfect Baseball Swing

Every little league player dreams of the day when he graduates to the Major League and establishes his mark as a match-winning big hitter. There is no bigger dream than having a proper baseball swing which hits the winning home run! To make this dream come true, the player has to understand the mechanics of a perfect baseball swing. A well-timed swing that allows the bat to meet the ball right in the middle can be achieved only if one makes sincere attempts to understand the swing mechanics. Here are some tips that may help you to perfect your baseball swing.

How to Get a Proper Baseball Swing

To perfect the swing, the batter must have a good stance, a proper grip, perfect hand-eye coordination, and must also know when and how to extend his arm and rotate the body so as to ensure that the bat hits the ball with enough force to hit a home run. Needless to say, the player must be willing to practice hard so as to perfect the swing.

First of all, identify the batting stance that suits you the most. The parallel stance, closed stance and open stance are the most commonly used batting